Online Order Module

We are FoodForti. We help you maximize your revenue with our online food ordering platform.

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Online Order Module

A common platform for your restaurant, customers, and order staff. Easy to use and easy to monitor - FoodForti has emerged as the best food order management system.

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For Restaurants

  • Adept management of customers, orders, menu, and inventory
  • Insights into sales and customer purchase history
  • Real-time reporting and analytics 
  • Customer loyalty programs

For Customers

  • Attractive interface to order food on web and mobile apps
  • A customized digital menu
  • In-chat ordering and facile and secure checkouts
  • Rewards and offers

For Order Staff

  • Easy way to collect payment and tips
  • Stay on top of pick-ups and deliveries and never miss a kitchen order ticket
  • A free restaurant POS app for quick payments
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