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FoodForti helped a big Indian restaurant chain in the US win more sales!

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Case Study


In this case study, we see how FoodForti empowered an Indian-based restaurant chain in the US to manage its business operations better and give its customers state-of-the-art dining experiences - online and in-store.

The story of the restaurant giant

Our client is actually an Indian-based restaurant behemoth in the US, owning over a hundred outlets globally. They cater to a large customer base and are renowned for their Biryanis.

The challenges

Although our client was using an online food ordering system, it was inefficient to give them the results they desired. Following were our client’s major bottlenecks at the time they approached FoodForti:

  • The food ordering system’s branding was enforced instead of the restaurant’s branding. This led to less visibility and poor brand awareness among its potential customers.
  • The restaurant chain was obscure of the orders they garnered in-store and online. Due to the lack of differentiation of the source of orders, they were unable to engage and reward their customers. 
  • Abandoned carts were abandoned forever. Their earlier online food ordering software didn’t facilitate marketing triggers to recover and win over abandoned carts.
  • Customers didn’t have the flexibility to place their orders directly from social media channels and were kept in the dark about their orders’ statuses.
  • They did not have a custom mobile application dedicated to their online store management.

Why was FoodForti Chosen as the solution?

It is a different scenario when a client chooses to do business with a service provider as opposed to changing from one vendor to the other. Such a case poises the chosen solution in better standing than the former choice - and FoodForti couldn’t be more grateful for the honor!

Our client was totally impressed with our service offerings, primarily. We had the one-stop solution to all their challenges, and our client knew they weren't making a mistake - they were assured of investing in a solution that promised them incredible growth.

What did FoodForti offer?

If you are wondering what FoodForti did that other online ordering systems failed to do, here you are:

  • Our client stopped paying 35% off their orders to food aggregators such as Swiggy, Zomoto, Uber Eats, and others. With FoodForti, our client had to pay only a fraction of that or nothing at all.
  • We helped our client develop, design, and maintain their website for free. 
  • Our client didn’t have to invest in expensive software - they got free integrations to their existing POS systems such as Square, Vend, and Clover on FoodForti.
  • We helped our client explore the social commerce space and helped them get orders directly from their customers on Facebook.
  • We ramped up their social media marketing and advertising game with marketing automation. 
  • FoodForti gave them access to 360-degree customer data so that our client was serving customers on an individualized level, running loyalty and referral marketing campaigns.

The Results

  • Our client got to use their own branding on their website. FoodForti stayed anonymous and helped its client with its branding efforts. 
  • The platform offered an intuitive dashboard and data analytics exclusively for online orders. This way, our client knew the population that was dining in its restaurants from those who ordered online. 
  • With event marketing automation triggers, FoodForti sends out automated reminders to customers who add food items to the cart but don’t purchase them. This way, we were able to help our client recover a major portion of their abandoned carts.
  • After onboarding FoodForit, our client’s customers get automated notifications via e-mails and SMSes regarding the status of their order.
  • With the mobile store management app, our client is running personalized promotions and is thus winning customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

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